Bayelsa Fisherman Using A Dolphin As Bait, Caught 10 Sharks In A Day (Photos)

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A dolphin was used as bait by a fisherman in Foropa Community in South Ijaw LGA, Bayelsa State, who caught almost 10 sharks in one day.

A Facebook user named Lawyer-Keme Perewari from Bayelsa posted the image.

One Facebook user decried it, stating that only in insane societies do such things occur, but another claimed that same behavior occurs in Japan and that no one there calls the country's citizens mad.

Even if Nigerians don't catch them, a different Facebook user said that the Chinese have been fishing Nigerian seas with their large trawlers for years.






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wow so good but this is so amazing

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John Okoroani
1 week ago

The guy na jinius wylie

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