The Love We Get From Having A Family

By Okekamma Ifeanyi   2 weeks ago   39
Family / Love

A family is regarded as the smallest unit in the society. Every child socialization begins in the family. A home is worthy to be called a family when there is a head in the family known as the Father who provides and cares for the basic needs of the family, a mother who cares for the family and children who assists in the house chores.

A person who have a family got this unspeakable love and affections from his family members but only for family that lives in peace and harmony expresses this love.

Firstly, the person is loved and cherish by his people because he/she has a family

Secondly,he or she cannot be easily intimidate by outsiders, he or she can proudly boost of him or herself because he has a family who loves and cares for him.

A family is necessary to have this so call love and emotion so that they will live together as one,share feelings together,pray together and eat together as one.


Miss Ella

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