Baby Doctor

By Okekamma Ifeanyi   2 weeks ago   27


A baby doctor known as a pediatrician is a person by profession,well trained, knowledged in the field of medicine and capable of curing and saving life of sick children.

He /she is also meant to be kind, caring and impartial in his job. He/ she must treat his patient equally and not partially

He/she must must be expert in the field of medical doctor; because in must of our areas especially in South-east must of the doctors in some countries are quack due to the way they bribe their ways in order to  pass through this medical firm, inorder to boost their image or personality and also to make their parent proud.

Furthermore,some quack and fake doctors kill innocent souls maybe while performing one surgery or the other because they are not well trained and expert in the field of medical doctor.

But as for me; I have vowed to take this firm of baby doctor seriously and become an expert in this field so that I will be a great ambassador of my country Nigeria.




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