The 5 Secret facts about Bitcoin

By Abubakar Aminu Bello   2 weeks ago   36

 The cryptocurreny is a big industry worth billions of money, there is a lot of cash that keeps on flooding in and out every single day. According to the report on the internet Bitcoin is responsible for the success of some people in the world

According to the information and the research conducted below are some facts about Bitcoin that you doesn’t even known

  1. According to wealthy comrades Bitcoin has a marketcap of over $1 Billion which is a lot of money
  2. No one know hwo founded Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in general its totally anonymous
  3. In the year 2012 bitcoin was less than $1 but at that time 90% of the worlds people consider Bitcoin and any other digital currency as a scam
  4. There are ATM machine for bitcoin; countries like America and Europe has the automatic teller machine for crypto currency you can withdraw your crypto in cash
  5. There is a limited number of bitcoins in the world, according to a report on the internet it was stated that there is only 21 Million bitcoins in the world

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I thank God am investing into cryto especially, bitcoin.

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Egbe Chijioke
1 week ago

Please i need someone to link me up BTC 

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