Watch As Nigerian Man Gives A Tour Of ‘five Star’ Graveyard Where He Works In Italy (Video)

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A Nigerian resident of Italy posted a video of the opulent cemetery where he works on social media.

He gave visitors a tour of the cemetery, which he described as looking like a five-star condominium but where only the dead reside.

The young man displayed stunning niches made specifically to house the remains of the deceased.
He claims that some of the spaces are unoccupied, some are occupied by individuals, and the remaining spaces have been set aside for people to occupy after they pass away.

He also displayed a portion of the cemetery that was still being built.


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That is nice one

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Amos Alhamdu
3 weeks ago

Nice move 

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Egbe Chijioke
2 weeks ago

Effort making 

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Ilenre Rebecca
2 weeks ago

There are different points to note hear seriously😔

I'm beginning to get emotional here🥺

After all man will do in life he'll still end up in a grave be it expensive or not,its still the same


And for sure this man is an hustler

Some people who heard that he traveled out may be thinking he went there to enjoy 

Such is life,Just as he has also said😔🚶‍♀️

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