Bear Reportedly Ate Billionaire Couple And Pilot After Their Helicopter Crashed In Russia (Photos)

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A former Russian biathlon star-turned pilot and two wealthy Russian tourists on a £4,250 sightseeing trip were killed in a helicopter crash on Saturday, before being dragged away and gnawed by bears, according to reports. Ex-sportsman Igor Malinovskii, 25, was piloting a Robinson helicopter in the popular tourist region of Kamchatka when it came down on July 16.

Communications were lost with the helicopter due to bad weather.

It is believed to have caught fire as it crashed the the ground.

Rescuers found the charred remains of the helicopter named Nadezhda, or Hope in the Valley of the Geysers in the Kamchatka peninsula, in the far east of Russia.

The wreckage was discovered on July 17, a day after the crash, and some eight miles away from the Uzon volcano.

Pictures showed mangled metal and scorched earth at the site where the helicopter crashed.









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