Watch As Angry Youths Chase Away Preacher For Disturbing Their Sleep In Alagbado, Lagos (Video)

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A preacher who disturbed several young people's sleep in the early morning hours in their area in Alagbado, Lagos State, was reprimanded and chased out in a video that was posted online.

The irate youngsters approached the pastor and demanded that he turn off his public address system because he was making too much noise, but the pastor resisted their demands. The young people then attempted to compel him to leave their neighborhood by packing his speaker and microphone.

The noise from the pastor, according to a man who spoke on camera, was what awakened them up in the morning.



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Power Igoni
4 weeks ago

Those guys don't know the result of their action! May God have upon them

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In as much as I condemn their acts. I don't support the preacher disturbing people's sleep 

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Okungbure Idowu
4 weeks ago

Woahhh dey don't know what they doing

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Emmanuel Ufomba
4 weeks ago

Atleast they say a word is enough for they wise he should have respected them and change location is it by force to hear the word of God

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Preachers  all you people have to is to leaves it for God 

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Joseph William
4 weeks ago

Both parties are at fault

Let them sort themselves

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Them no get joy o

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