Three State In Nigeria That Have The Same Name With Their Capital City

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A capital city is regarded as the administrative centre of a particular state. It should be said that we have 36 states in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This means that we also have 36 state capitals in Nigeria. However, it is important to point out that we have some states that have the same name with their capital city. Let us carefully identify some of them.

1. Kaduna State

This is one of the most popular states in the northern part of Nigeria. Kaduna State belongs to the North-West geopolitical zone of Nigeria. Kaduna State has the same name with its capital city. This is because the capital city of Kaduna State is also known as Kaduna.



2. Bauchi State

Bauchi State belongs to the North-East geopolitical zone of Nigeria. It is important to note that the capital city of Bauchi State is known as Bauchi.

3. Kano State

Kano State is one of the most respected states in the northern region of Nigeria. Kano State is part of the North-West geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The capital city of Kano State is also known as Kano.





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