My Problem Began After Timaya Introduced Me To My Baby Mama - Kelly Hansome Reveals

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Singer, songwriter, and producer Kelechi Orji aka Kelly Hansome has hinted at how his musical career nosedived. The U.S-based Nigerian musician made the revelation during an Instagram live with friends and fans recently.

During the Instagram live show, Kelly disclosed that contrary to many people’s beliefs, his career didn’t nosedive after quitting Kennis music amidst controversies but when he met his baby mama, Ronke Moradeyo through Timaya.

Responding further, the Maga don pay singer said, “The major thing I felt was the issue was that ‘Kennis music easter fiesta’ that I didn’t show up for, yeah that is where the problem started.”

Continuing, he said, “The problem started when Timaya introduced that girl to me, you know the girl I am talking about, that is where the problem started, the girl that had a baby for me. But I don’t want to talk about it, you know, that’s all I will talk about for now. That was where the problem started for me.”

In 2016, Kelly Hansome, who is currently married and resides in the united state of America, welcomed a child with Moradeyo. The estranged lover has not been in a good relationship even after ending their short-lived relationship.


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Akanbi Zainab
1 month ago

It is well 

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Hmm na dem sabi,he should goan find solution

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Samuel Ekechukwu
1 month ago

Take heart and get the problem solved.

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It is well ooooo

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Na u carry ur leg go

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