Oyinbo People Spotted QueuingTo Buy Nigerian Jollof Rice From "Mama Put" In London (Photos)

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A Nigeria man is currently running a very clean, modern and popular 'mama put' resturant in a london street called SPITAL FIELDS.

-THE man identified as Azeez said he started the resturant called 2 Nig boys with the other friend but that he nows does it alone.

-In a photo shared on Twitter by @IamOlajideAwe, some oyinbo people were seen queueing up to buy sumptuous Nigerian jollof rice in the streets of London, putting the rare taste on the lips of many oyinbo people.

If you find yourself in London around Spitalfields market do well to support our own abeg.




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Wow I thought they hate Nigeria things

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Wow that's great for naija

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Naija you dey there jor

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What goes round comes round.

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