Woman Mortified After Discovering 10 Creepy Hidden Cameras At Her Airbnb

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A woman has issued a warning after she allegedly found 10 creepy spy cameras concealed around a rental property she booked on Airbnb.

The traveller shared her "scary ordeal" after realising there was cameras "hidden all over the house" during her stay in Philadelphia, USA.

The Twitter user named @foxytaughtyou said people "should be cautious" and said, "some were disguised as sprinkler systems."

She was left severely creeped out when her friend reportedly came across more "in the showers and bedrooms."

She said the platform moved them to another property after they alerted Philadelphia police.

Airbnb have since offered her a refund but claim police have told them they found no hidden cameras at the property.

The woman tweeted on June 13: “We reported this to [Airbnb] and to the police station Friday noon and still have not had a update on this case.

“We have no idea what footage this owner has and what he is doing with it!

“This is so UNSAFE, and scary! Thank God we noticed the cameras and got out of there!”

In a video on TikTok, the pair said they fell asleep on the sofa and discovered the cameras on the ceiling when they woke up.

She added: “We were creeped out and we decided to look everywhere in the Airbnb, all over the ceiling, and see if there’s any more cameras.

The woman tweeted on June 13: “We reported this to [Airbnb] and to the police station Friday noon and still have not had a update on this case.

“We discovered that the sprinklers had a camera lens. We got on the chair and we did a flash test on these sprinklers and they are cameras.”

A spokesperson for Airbnb told The Independent: “Our policies strictly prohibit hidden cameras and we take forceful action in the exceptionally rare circumstances where this has been reported, including assisting law enforcement to help them hold criminals accountable.

“In this case, our Safety team has suspended this Host and removed this listing from our platform while we thoroughly investigate this report. We are also providing support to our guest, including a full refund.”

Airbnb has since confirmed to the Daily Star that police investigators are planning to close the case.

However, the company said they will still support the customer and issue them a refund.

"We have thoroughly looked into this allegation as we do for all safety reports," the spokesperson said.

"Today, we spoke directly with the lead detective from the Philadelphia Police Department who responded to the complaint and investigated the property.

"He confirmed that he did not find any hidden or undisclosed cameras and that the fire sprinklers had regular sprinklerheads.

"The detective also confirmed that they plan to close this case."



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 Must have planted those camera's, na wa o

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Godwin Onah
2 weeks ago

Who must be the one that planted those camera's

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They just want to see her naked ness to start business wit her if she didn't meets their demand

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