When I Tell You That Truly The Heart Otlf Man Is Wicked It's Not Because I Just Want To Say So.

By Okungbure Idowu   2 weeks ago   47

Today I want to introduce us a man that was bath with an acid,when he was just 18month old.ABIODUN DADA was given birth normal just like you and I.There have been disfigurement on his head and face, chronic lacrimation of the eyes and redness of the eyesballs.His external ears are absent and the external auditory meatus are obliterated.The lips are deformed with fibrotic tissues with consequent limitation to the opening of his mouth obvious post burn.compilation and contractions formation according to his parent.ABIODUN DADA's mom had an argument with her husband elder brother son, from their explanation.it was as a result of jealousy.Mind you it was ABIODUN DADA'S mom that was taking care of him after the demise our their own father,one argument leads to another fight and he swore to deal with ABIODUN DADA's mom that's Mrs DADA he went straight into his bedroom, picked up an innocent boy that knows nothing about the arguments, the fight was between his mother and his cousin.His cousin poured acid on him and and even gave him some to drink,Haa...!



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Okungbure Idowu
2 weeks ago

Why life come hard

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Godwin Onah
2 weeks ago

Oh God well be with him

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heart of man is truly wicked I can testify 

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This bad 

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