Have you truly seen the money benefits of Starlink internet?

By Okungbure Idowu   9 months ago   188

In America and Britain, if you wanted to check how down-to-earth your political leader is, you ask them one question: what is the price of a tin of milk? If they can state the price of milk off the top of their head, it could mean that they’re indeed familiar with the daily struggles of the people they claim to represent.


It’s no perfect science, of course, but it does make some sense, doesn’t it? If you do understand a people’s motives, you’re in a better position to sell to them.


This is why I have brought a similar question to you. But rather ask about milk, I’ll ask you about data.


How much mobile data package can you buy for N500? In today’s economy, N500 exchanges for about one dollar (by official government rates). For the more than 90 million poor Nigerians who live in poverty, to commit this amount of money to internet connection is no child’s play. So, if you don’t know how much data you could buy for N500, it’s quite likely that, when you think about Starlink — the new satellite internet service provider that entered Nigeria in May — you’re thinking about it rather too academically, because you’re removed from the struggles and opportunities.



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Okungbure Idowu
9 months ago

Ehhhhhhhh na

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Anyakee Chukwuma
9 months ago

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This sounds great

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8 months ago

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