Nigerian Man Speaks On High Rent In The United Kingdom

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A Nigerian man living abroad got people talking after he revealed the cost of rent where he lives.

According to him, the rent per month is between N562k and 975k.

A 2 bedroom here in the UK will cost you between £750 and £1300 depending on the area that's around N562,000 and N975,000 per month. This is just RENT back home in Nigeria that's the amount for a 3 bedroom in a good area.

He said: "Get it right: Things are better here but you will not sit down and hope you will make it here. It depends on what you do and how well grounded you are sha."



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So wat do dey expect

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Esther Asanana
3 weeks ago

U want abroad life na

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Who carry u go their 

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The same economic problem every where 

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Anyakee Chukwuma
3 weeks ago

Wetin remained again

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