Young Woman With Protruding Belly Button Goes Viral As She Proudly Shows It Off (Photos)

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A Nigerian TikToker has been praised for proudly showing off her belly button. TikTok user Chi, who posts under @iam_amakae, regularly shares dance videos wearing crop tops that reveal her protruding navel.

Captions to her video usually encourage body positivity.

In one clip, she wrote: "Body perfect. Love yourself."

In another, she wrote: "Self confidence, the real me."

Her navel has set her apart from other TikTok dancers and helped her rack up over 3 million likes on the platform, with many users praising her.

One said: "Ur beautiful in every way and that navel is the finishing touch of ur beauty."

One said: “the doctor probably didn’t cut her umbilical cord properly when she was first born so it grew like that, the same happened to my cousin.”





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Emeka Ogbu
3 weeks ago

Funny right o

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3 weeks ago

Guess CBS hell

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