How To Handle An Angry Co- workers

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Has one or more coworkers annoy you to the point where you can' t stand them? Is there a coworker whose mannerisms and conduct drive you to distraction? A lot of people think it' s only a matter of time before your coworkers start getting on your nerves when you' re working in close quarters for eight hours a day. As you may have guessed, this is a widespread problem!

Here are just a few of the " charming" quotations people gave as instances of aggravating colleagues:

My coworkers' throat clearing and food chewing

Because they don' t actually do their duties, " my coworkers" cause unnecessary stress for everyone else in the department, I say.

Throughout the day, she' s on the phone with her buddies, and she' s continuously chewing gum.

In spite of the fact that the cup is nearly empty, he continues to use a plastic spoon to scrape the bottom.

Then she steals the credit for my work when she interrupts me in my conversations. "

" They spend all day on their computers, gaming or shopping. "

" It doesn' t take much for him to be terribly annoying by just standing there"

" She rambles on incessantly to everyone– all day long– about everything. "

" He laughs in such an odd way, and he laughs at everything. "

Using her arms, she cleans her nose. "

Her personal hygiene is abysmal, and she absolutely stinks- yet no one will tell her. "

To quote a friend, " He' s usually using a pen to scrape wax out of his ears. "

" She sings the same song for days at a time"

That some people are oblivious to the impact their actions have on others in the workplace is hard to believe. Yet, these kinds of problems crop up in nearly every business!

What effect does this have on your output? 

How could you possibly wait until 5: 00 p. m. to get away from these coworkers in such a situation?

Anger- inducing behavior and the resulting squabbling among coworkers can be expensive. If you don' t do something about the bothersome behavior, you' ll lose time at work. You' ll go to great lengths to avoid the irritant, even if it means delaying critical work. When you' re frustrated and unhappy at work, you' re more likely to arrive late or leave early than usual, both of which reduce productivity.

What kind of impact does this have on your self- confidence? 

If you and the offender are able to come to an agreement in a reasonable amount of time, your spirits should be unaffected. It' s easy to lose hope and motivation if your complaints go unanswered and nothing is done to fix the problem. Nobody enjoys working in a place where they don' t feel valued or respected.

If the situation worsens, what can you do? 

Let your coworker know that certain of their acts annoy you in a diplomatic manner. You may be surprised to learn that the other person who is behaving in an irritating way may not be aware of it! He or she may simply discontinue the bad habits after hearing your criticism.

Take your concerns about the bothersome coworker straight to management if that doesn' t work. The senior manager or the department head has the ultimate authority to deal with any issues that arise at this point. Keep complaining if you don' t see any improvement and your concerns seem to be falling on deaf ears. You may need to hunt for a new job at a different company if this doesn' t work.


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