Take Action To Avoid Being A Victim!

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Don' t be a victim. Creating wealth requires that you believe that you are in control of your life, especially your financial life. Unless you believe this, you must believe that you have little or no control over your life and therefore little or no control over your financial success. That is not the mentality of the wealthy. It' s interesting to note that the majority of lottery winners are poor people. They truly believe that their wealth will come from that location.

You must believe that your struggle with money and success is something you create. You must believe that your success is something you create. Regardless of whether you' re aware of it or not, you' re still in control. Poor people prefer to play the role of the victim rather than take responsibility for their own lives. " Poor me" is often a victim' s primary thought. As a result of the law of intention, victims find themselves in the position of being " poor. " Please note that I said they " play the victim" rather than " are the victim" in the previous sentence. No one is a victim in my book. I believe that people play the victim because they believe it will help them get what they want.

So how do you tell when someone is playing victim?They' ve left three plainly visible clues in their wake.

They Blame

When it comes to blaming others for their financial woes, most victims are experts at the " blame game. " Victims place the blame on the economy, the government, the stock market, their business type, their employer, their employees, their manager, their upline or downline, their partner, their spouse, God, and, of course, their parents, who are always the first to lay the blame. Every time something goes wrong, it' s always someone or something else' s fault. The issue isn' t with them; it' s with everyone else.

They Justify

They rationalize their situation by saying, " Money isn' t really important, " which is another clue to their identity as a rationalizer. How long would any of your loved ones be around if you said that they weren' t all that important to you? Money wouldn' t buy it, either. The person who says money doesn' t matter doesn' t have any, to put it simply. However, poor people use irrelevant comparisons to justify their financial ineptitude. " Well, money isn' t as important as love, " they' ll say. Is that comparison ridiculous or what? We' ve got some important news for you. In the areas where money works, it is extremely important, and in the areas where it doesn' t, it is extremely insignificant. The construction of hospitals, churches, or homes isn' t funded by love, despite the fact that it may make the world go round. No one is even fed by it.

They Complain

When it comes to your health or your finances, complaining is the worst thing you can do. The worst thing that could have ever happened! Why? " What you focus on expands, " is a principle I hold dear to my heart. During times of self- pity, what are you focusing on, the positive or negative aspects of your life? The more you focus on what' s wrong, the more you' ll get of it, because the focus of your attention expands.

Blaming, Justifying, and Complaining are like a drug. They are nothing more than stress reducers. They take the edge off of the fear of failing. It' s worth pondering. It' s not necessary to blame, justify, or complain if a person is not failing in some way, shape, or form. The answer is an emphatic NO!

This month, I' m giving you a chance to re- engineer your relationship with money.


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4 weeks ago

Take caution of yourself

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Stop blaming or justifying your action.

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