Imagine Your Life In the Absence Of Technology, Where Will You Be?

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The simple structuring of knowledge for use in practical situations is what is meant when we talk about " technology". To put it another way, every successful innovation or improvement eventually results in the creation of technology. In man' s never- ending desire to make life more bearable, he has devised and implemented a variety of strategies that make it possible to streamline the processes involved in maintaining daily life. This results in careful thought and the conception of new concepts. The implementation of these concepts is what people mean when they talk about " technology. "

There have been many different technical eras, including:

The wood age

During this time period, people were only familiar with using wood for cooking purposes, basic sculpture, and other forms of wooden works. This era is known as the Wood Age. As the passage of time progressed, new and improved concepts emerged, which led to the beginning of subsequent periods of technological advancement.

The stone age

The invention of fire, the lever, language, canoeing and sledding for mobility, and the use of stone weaponry

The age of bronze

The invention of the wheel, writing, agriculture, transportation via horses and carts, metal- tipped spears and arrows, and leather armor were all achievements of this time period.


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Emeka Ogbu
3 weeks ago

Technology is very easy and good

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3 weeks ago

I'd probably be inventing technologies myself. It's kinda my thing

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3 weeks ago

I will be lost I think my business will be so stressing

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3 weeks ago

Technology is life

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Maybe I might be in the forest sef

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Technology is the real life

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CNN ggfggfggg

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