Christabel Confirmed Dead After Plastic Surgery As Her Friends Angrily Confront Doctor (Photos,Video)

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A Port Harcourt big girl known as Christabel died at a hospital in Lagos few days ago following a botched plastic surgery. Friends of the young lady have shared video of the doctor allegedly behind the process being confronted.

Her friend claimed on Twitter that before Christabel's death, she complained to the clinic that did her surgery that she was bleeding. The friend claimed the clinic told Christabel it was a normal post-surgery experience and the bleeding will stop. Sadly, it proved fatal.

She said when friends didn't hear from Christabel for days, they searched at the hospital where she went for the surgery and the hospital allegedly gave them a letter showing that her body has been deposited at the morgue.

The friend said the hospital didn't contact any of Christabel's relatives to let them know of her death, until they went to the hospital.

A friend of the deceased shared a video of the doctor alleged to have conducted the surgery being confronted with the caption "Wicked goat, look at the doctor, he took my friend's life".









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Favour Favour
3 weeks ago

Ladies please learn to be contented with your body shape, you can visit dieticians to know how and what to eat to keep fit. RIP to the dead!

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Esther Asanana
3 weeks ago

They are not contented with the way God created them

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Afiong Edet
3 weeks ago

Na she bin want tam, greedy pple

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Emeka Ogbu
3 weeks ago

My God this life is so short look it this pretty girl gone may her soul rest in peace, her family was a good people

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3 weeks ago

Don't let anyone bidyshame you, be proud bof yourself and your body.

RIP to her, vanity upon vanity

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Human should try and love what God has given them ,God knows what fit us ,that's why he made us ,make we know they do as if say na we create ourselves ,God wey create us no be fool ,we should try to be happy and contendend with what is given to us , especially from our creator ,he know best,rest in peace to the dead.

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3 weeks ago

Ladies have to be ok with their shape

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Praize Mike
3 weeks ago


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Learn from this ladies

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