Checkout Delicious Grandma Stew And White Rice I Made In Uncompleted Building (Photos)

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I just had a sudden craving for grandma stew. The type they usually prepare and offer us in the village whenever we traveled. Though I didn't make mine watery like they do in the village. So I decided to make it today.

Below are recipe and steps of preparing the stew.

Pics 1... Main ingredients used for preparing the stew., Fresh tomatos and pepper, chopped ginger, vegetable oil, tomato paste and dried fish. Other ingredients used were seasoning and dry red and black pepper.

Pics 2.. white rice already done on fire.
I simply washed rice with tepid water and added to boiling water to cook. I like my rice a bit sticky so, I didn't bother washing off the starch.

Pics 3 pouring and heating the vegetable oil in a pot.

Pics 4.. Adding chopped onions to heated oil.

Pics 5.. added Tomato paste to the fried onions and ground red and black pepper. And let it fry for some time.

I like my stew or food generally to be very hot and spicy.
I always add ground pepper to my Tomato paste to get rid of that sour taste it comes with.

Pics 6.. after frying the tomato paste, I added the chopped fresh tomatos and fried some more.

Pic 7 I added the fish and fried some more.

8. I crushed some seasoning, added a little water and let it boil.













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So sweet 💕💕💕

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Bakabasi Akpabio
1 month ago

E sweeeeeeet

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Wadzani Ujulu
1 month ago

so sweet and delicious

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Well cooked and delicious

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