Activist Reno Omokri Blasts Southerners Over Murder Of Fatima & Her 4 Kids In Anambra State

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See how people are either denying or justifying the murder of the pregnant Adamawa woman and her 4 kids. We are so ethnically biased in Nigeria. Tufiakwa! Do we fear God at all? We defend evil when it concerns our region and condemn it when it happens in elsewhere!


Dear @Joeywrites1,

I’ve moved on from Leah Sharibu? Is that how desperate you are to justify the murder of Fatima and her 4 kids in Anambra? Today I have talked about Leah over 10 times. In February I produced a song with Onyeka for her and I have forgotten her?


The pregnant Adamawa woman who was killed in Anambra with her 4 kids has been identified as Fatima. I wonder why Twitter is silent. Close your eye. Imagine if instead of Fatima her name was Faith and she and her kids were killed in Sokoto. Would we still be silent?


Since this pregnant Adamawa woman and her four children were killed in Anambra, how many Southern influencers have condemned the killing or even offered condolences to her family? If it were a Southerner killed with her kids in Kano, ww would have been everywhere!








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