Funniest Jokes Of The Year

By Adedotun Emmanuel   1 year ago   334


1.Why do footballer still sweat when the stadium is full of fans??

 Abi they want air conditioner??

2.Somebody is popular because of body odor and you are telling me to go and take my bath???

3.They said the world is ending you dey price land.? Bros buy food stuff and get energy oo, Devil flog pass maths teacher Ooo??

4.Since you were born, have you ever seen an ambulance in a petrol station?? like do those vehicles use blood?

5.Rihanna:- shine bright like a diamond

  Albert Enstein:- Diamond don't shine, idiot...they reflect?

6. hmm u think say heartbreak dey pain? See let me tell you the truth, nothing pains like seeing light in other people's houses but una no get light.???

7.I have told my shadows to stop following me, and go and hustle outside Nigeria, we can’t be suffering together* .

8. Those that always use spoon and fork to eat Eba

What exactly is the color of your problem?‍♀️?‍♀️?

9.Those of you that could not do without pen cover in secondary school ......I hope you are now a financial Secretary ??


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So amazing ?


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Can't stop laughing o

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O my God this is hilarious

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Ogbonnaya Victor
8 months ago

This really got me

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Ogbonnaya Victor
8 months ago

Abeg bring more 

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Ikani Samuel
3 months ago

Oh wow good one

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