How To Have Sex Explain In Details

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Sexual intercourse: what is sexual intercourse and how to have sex

For most people sex is just an act that gives pleasure and makes you orgasm. Okay, we do not deny these facts about sex. But know sex is much more than just a physical act. It is a deeper connection between two people who express love beyond words but with intimate actions. However, to get there and connect you need to know how to do it right. Many just don t know how to have sex and to save oneself from this embarrassment they fake orgasm or remain confused in bed for most of the time. So here is the guide to help you have sex the right way:

1. Explore each other s body


Most people, especially youngsters think sex is all about penetration where the penis needs to get inside the vagina and then reach climax and it s all over. Well, before you reach orgasm you need to locate the vagina where the penis can penetrate.


Steps: Now vagina is a tube that connects the vaginal opening to the cervix. What you see when you get down there is the vaginal opening and not the vagina. You can spot the opening when you spread the genitals a bit. The external opening of the vagina is called vulva. The inner and outer folds of the vulva are called labia majora and labia minora present on either side of the vaginal opening. If you could spot this opening, this is where the penis is supposed to enter during sex and not just glide or slide in the area in the name of sex which happens to most first-timers.


Most first timers are worried about breaking the hymen and the subsequent bleeding. However, remember not every woman has a hymen and in some woman, it can break even with strenuous activity like exercise or aerobics. Also, some women might not bleed during the first intercourse, and it has nothing to do with the woman s virginity.

2. Relax and get into foreplay mode


Now even if you know the biology behind sex remember it won t happen just like magic. There is real work involved here. Stimulation of the genitals is what makes sex more special; this is true for both men and women. While the visual aspect can make a man aroused, for a woman, it might not be enough. But there isn t too much to do to get the girl aroused.

Steps: Arousal through foreplay happens naturally but you need to know how to do it right. A woman has many erogenous zones in her body and so does the man. The idea of exploring each other is to hit the right spot and make your partner go wild. Kissing behind the ears, nape of the neck, running fingers over the hair and much more can be done here. Nipple stimulation is another way of getting your partner aroused, and both the genders can try this on each other. Another way of making your girl aroused is to stimulate the G-spot the area just about the vaginal opening with the maximum nerve ending and it gives the most pleasure. If that sounds difficult, try clitoral stimulation. Clitoris is a small, sensitive, erectile part of the female genitals present at the anterior end of the vulva. Touching and tickling it can just do the trick. Remember these parts are very sensitive so try not to be harsh.

You will know you are ready for the next act when the guy has his penis erect and the woman get wet down there. Remember woman have natural built-in lubrication system, special glands in the vagina that can keep the area moistened and lubricated during sex. All she needs is just the right amount of stimulation.

3. Getting into the act

Now if you are having penetrative sex for the first time it is better you stick to the basic missionary position. You can try other sex positions later after you master this act. Don t forget to wear your condom before you indulge in penetrative sex and especially if you don t have plans to make a baby.

Steps: Make your woman lie on her back and climb on top of her. Now that you know where the vaginal opening is, try to place your penis inside her. If you aren t able to do it on your own ask your partner to guide you with her hand. Once inside try to get in sync with each other and enjoy sex. Start with gentle pelvic thrust and increase your pace gradually. Make sure your woman is comfortable with your actions. Sex is more pleasurable when the woman also responds giving slight pelvic thrust towards her man. Take pleasure in the act and try to climax together. It is great if you can reach climax and orgasm together.

4. Cherishing the moments

Once you both have climaxed not be in a rush to get up and move on. Instead, spend some time bonding after the act. Talk, flirt and cuddle acts that would be real special after orgasmic sex. Next, get up and was your genitals so that there aren t any chances of infection. Don t forget to wrappe the condom.


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