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*How does JAMB set their questions*

Well, they use the syllabus to set questions. The topics in the syllabus are given to those that are going to set the questions.

Then, those people form and create questions with the help of textbooks, questions, and their brains.


Be aware that these people are certified experts in the subject given to them, so they are creating new, unique questions.

*How many hours does the JAMB exam last?*


The exam will last for 2 hours which is equivalent to 120 minutes for the four subjects.


In JAMB, there are 60 questions in English Language and 40 questions in the three other subjects.


60+40+40+40 = 180

The mock questions are mostly JAMB past questions and are even simpler than what you will see in the main exam.


*What is the fastest way to answer JAMB questions?*

Time is an important factor when it comes to JAMB CBT.


The faster and more accurate you are, the better.

The fastest way to answer JAMB questions is to answer those you know very well first, this will save you a lot of time.


You can then go back to the unanswered questions and try your best.

JAMB most Repeated Questions in English*



How to score 400 in JAMB 2022*

Sorry to break it to you but you can’t score 400/400 in JAMB. It hasn’t been done in the history of JAMB in Nigeria.

You are not a robot with 100% accuracy,



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