Checkout Poor State Of Corpers Lodge In Odi, Bayelsa State (Photos)

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A Corps Member stationed in Odi, Bayelsa State, has posted images of the deteriorating condition of the Corpers Lodge where they dwell.

"Odi Bayelsa Corpers Lodge is in a bad situation. Perhaps NYSC should be abolished. We can't be in pain "On Thursday, he tweeted.





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This is not good to hear, government should do something about NYSC dwelling place.



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Gbenga Ayomipo
3 months ago

This is so bad doweling place for our corpers

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Adedeinde Victor
3 months ago


So so bad and disgusting

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Fa-Right Ventures
3 months ago

This is terrible and deplorable. is this what our future leaders are subjected to during service? How do you want such corp members to think when they are done with the service or feel when they finished and have no job to do?

All these after going through school stress, na waa oo.

I don't know if anyone here is feeling what I am feeling?


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3 months ago

Corps Member stationed in Odi

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Akele Benedict
3 months ago

The government should try to do something about it. Government funds should be properly used

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Asoore Kehinde
2 months ago

Government do things to this bad to hear and see oooooooo

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