Young Beautiful Lady Works As Labourer To Earn "Urgent 2k" (Photos)

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Most Nigerians refer to the frequent requests for financial assistance by Nigerian ladies from their male counterparts as "urgent 2k."

This urgent 2k might refer to amounts as small as two thousand naira or as large as two thousand naira, depending on the situation.

When it comes to providing financial aid, most guys take advantage of the feminine gender. This benefit is especially prevalent in sexual fantasies.

These men try to explain their actions by claiming that "nothing comes for free" and/or "I worked hard for this urgent 2k, so I can't give it away for free." And for such people, having a sexual encounter is a way of expressing gratitude for their hard-earned cash.

Ladies on the other hand have been seen as weaker vessels by some guys, tagging them as persons who cannot strive to earn this urgent 2k by themselves and are sometimes unappreciative even when given this urgent 2k.

Today, a lady Ekele Oyibo Patricia has come out to challenge that notion and change the orientation, proving that ladies can equally go out to hustle this urgent 2k as well.

In a video, she had gone out to work as labourer and for sure it paid off decently as she was able to earn her own urgent 2k literally.

There's no shame in hustling so far as it's decent and pays you.





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Gbenga Ayomipo
3 months ago

May God bless your hostel

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Adedamola Ayomi
3 months ago

Good will bless you

U show good example 😘

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Taiwo Moses
1 month ago

When money no day 

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Joseph Ade
1 month ago

Its thoughtful of her

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May God continue to bless and remove poverty from our life

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