3 Things You Shouldn't Do With Your Cell Phone

By Shuaibu Suleman   4 months ago   257
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The use of cell phones is very important in this current century as it helps ease communication with people far away. But being digital dependent isn't necessarily the healthiest habit. Consider the side effects of the way you use your cell phone.



Some Of The Things You Shouldn't Do With Your Cell Phone Are As Follows:

1. Never sleep with your phone under your pillow or close to your head.

It has been recommended that you should keep your phone at least an arm’s length away from your body when you want to sleep. You should also endeavor to turn off your phone while sleeping.

2. Don’t hold your phone up to your ear

It is better to use the speakerphone or a headset while making calls as wireless and wired headsets emit much less radio frequency energy than cellphones. The guidelines also recommend sending text messages instead of talking on the phone whenever possible.

3. Don’t put your phone in your pocket, bra, or holster close to your body

It is recommended that you carry your cell phone in a backpack, briefcase, purse, or elsewhere so that the device is kept away from your body. You should also put your phone on airplane mode when carrying them close as the devices don’t emit radiofrequency energy when in airplane mode.


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