Breaking News!!!OHWORODE AT 105: Olu of Warri pays royal visit

By Endurance Enorunose Ogbefun   5 months ago   131
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HIS Majesty, Ogiame Atuwatse III, Olu of Warri, Friday said that at age 105, His Royal Majesty, Ovie, (Dr.) R. L. Ogbon, Ogoni-Oghoro I, JP, OON, the Ohworode of Olomu Kingdom has broken the seal of what has restricted Nigeria.

Ogiame Atuwatse III stated this when he led a powerful delegation for royal visit to the centenarian king to celebrate with him.

According to the Olu of Warri, “We decided to come today to come and celebrate you as we were engaged yesterday (Thursday). Before I go forward, I say happy belated birthday to you.

“I am happy with the general reception and interaction we have received from our Urhobo brothers and sisters. It has been tremendous hospitality all round.

“Your Majesty, my words today are few but by the grace of God, they are heavy. I have to do the maths, 105, that’s is 1917, you were born soon after this country was amalgamated.

“I think, it is symbolic that God has permitted me to see somebody such as this, to sit down with, and call such a person brother.

“For you to have seen Nigeria in it’s infant age and you are still here, I want to say that you have broken the seal of what has restricted Nigeria.

“God has ensured that you see the beginning of the greatness of this country, it is symbolic, it is significant that your eyes saw it.”

On his part, an elated Ohworode thanked the Olu of Warri and his entourage for the honour and visit.

According to him, “I am happy that you came today with your people, when we met in Warri you said that you will be visiting me in January and yesterday (Thursday) while we were celebrating your message came in and today you are here.

“This is promise made and promise kept. Your coming today is the continuation of the relationship I had with your Dad.

“As you are here, I am picturing your Dad. Special appreciation to your mother, the Queen mother for her message and gifts for my birthday.

“My dear Itsekiri people who are here, I want to specifically say that the Olomu people had a very cordial relationship with the Itsekiri people.

“I pray that your reign shall be spectacular and your land shall be unique. You shall reign long on the throne.

“You shall live longer than me because in Urhobo adage, a child should live more than the father.” The Ohworode prayed.

The Ohworode of Olomu Kingdom was born 20th January 1917 making him turn 105 on Thursday as the most oldest King in the country.


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Age with grace

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Age with Grace and blessing

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