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By Endurance Enorunose Ogbefun   5 months ago   72
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Some things are purely mental.

Some things aren’t and struggling through these is okay. Sometimes it’s not “life is what you make it” but rather how you react and respond to it.

Being content with oneself is a journey. However being content with the now, staying present, can be done in this very moment.

Be creative. Whatever that means to you, writing, drawing, doing, do more of that.

It will sound funny when talking about it but the little things are what truly count. The way the coffee sizzles and tastes. The way fresh crisp air feels on my face. Binding my shoes every morning. It’s the little things that make me happy, and I hope they can make you happy as well. As strange as it sounds.

Stay simple. Don’t collect so much baggage.

Develop skills and hobbies that can help you when things get tough. Have something to fall back on.

Don’t believe too much. Believe in yourself and your own abilities instead.

Don’t say too much. Keep things private and for your own happiness instead.

Look after yourself. There is no one who is going to do that for you.


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Wonderful life advice

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I would take to that

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Falaye Ayomide
5 months ago

Nice advise 

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