Ikeja Royal Families Settle For New Monarch After 9 Years Of An Empty Palace

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Refusal of three blood brothers from Ikeja kingdom Oshoja royal family, to allow any of them to emerge as the kingdom traditional ruler, after death of last monarch of the community, Oba Rafiu Amore of Amore royal family, has led to conclusions of other royal families, kingmakers, and chiefs that the brothers were not fit to become the kingdom’s traditional ruler since their disagreement has led Ikeja into a community without a leader for nine years.

As gathered, the battle for the throne did not only lead the brothers, Wasiu, Nurudeeen, and Shamsondeen Adeleye, from Ikeja kingdom Oshoja royal family, into disagreement but also led to death one of them, Shamsondeen, who was said to have died barely two years ago fighting for same the course.

Findings by The Guild revealed that the two other brothers were not ready to relax the battle even after the death of one of them and the fight for who becomes the traditional ruler of Ikeja kingdom may continue for years if other royal families and stakeholders decide to look away on the crisis.

Mediations, according to The Guild findings, have not yielded results that could bring peace to the community, but instead, Wasiu and Nurudeen, would prefer that the palace remain empty for as long as none of them have access to the throne.

But for the kingmakers, the brothers’ resolve is not in the interest of other royal families as well as the entire community members that have continued to yearn for peace and emergence of another monarch that would put the palace into better use for the development of the entire Ikeja kingdom.

From other royal families, Iyade and Amore of Ikeja kingdom, their conclusions were that a new monarch should emerge and that the entire family cannot continue folding their arms while the traditional throne remains useless.

Members of the families expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation that has lasted the kingdom of nine years of the empty palace, saying that, there must be a solution to bring the crisis to an end.

They disclosed that since Nurudeen and Wasiu could not let go of their personal interests, the throne must go to another qualified member of the Oshoja and Iyade royal families that were also entire to fill the gap.

One of the members of royal families, who spoke to The Guild under anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter, on Wednesday, said that Iyade has picked his candidate who also shares lineage with Oshoja and he is qualified to be a better traditional ruler for the kingdom.

He hinted that the candidate picked, one Tajudeen Muritala, was considered on merit and that the entire royal family members, as well as community, were solidly behind his choice as the next Ikeja kingdom traditional ruler.

The royal family member explained that the conclusion to pick a candidate from other royal families was initially reached five years ago, but that the decision was stepped down the three brothers pleaded to have resolved their differences and were ready to accept one of them to ascend the throne.

According to him, the three brothers did the opposite of their pleads to other royal families and continued their infighting that had lasted another four years.

“The fighting of these brothers have not brought any meaningful development to the entire Ikeja, but suffering and empty palace. Due to their actions, Ikeja has remained a kingdom without a traditional ruler because brothers are fighting themselves over who becomes the next ruler.

“We do not know how long this fight will last the brothers and other royal families must remove the kingdom from this mess’, he added.

Another member from Oshoja, indicate that Tajudeen had been picked by both his family and Iyade family due to his lineage to the two royal families and that this decision would not be reversed as witnessed five years ago.

She explained that the conclusions of both families were in the best interest of Ikeja kingdom and the entire community people who can no longer continue waiting and yearning for a new monarch to emerge.

To her, when two brothers cannot come together as one and pick among themselves who to rule Ikeja kingdom, the other royal families from the community need to step in, according to law.

“Six months is enough by law to allow family picks their candidate for Ikeja kingdom but since Nurudeen and Wasiu cannot do so for nine good years, their time is completely over and they need to step aside for a new candidate to take of our beautiful palace”.

“Six months is enough by law to allow family picks their candidate for Ikeja kingdom but since Nurudeen and Wasiu cannot do so for nine good years, their time is completely over and they need to step aside for a new candidate to take of our beautiful palace”.

She stated that the palace has been missing monarchs and officials who were supposed to be looking after the affairs of the entire kingdom and entire community but what had happened is contrary.

A strong member from Iyade royal family, Jamiu Folami, told The Guild that the families, after their resolve to end the long-overdue infighting, had sent Tajudeen Muritala’s name to Lagos State Government as the preferred candidate for Ikeja kingdom traditional throne.

Folami stated that the actions of the royal families would not be to only end years of brothers’ feud but also bring peace and development to ensure the Ikeja community after nine years of no traditional ruler.

He explained that the palace had its own quota when it was functioning until Wasiu and Nurudeen disagreements grounded activities of the place for years.

“Chiefs could no longer resume to their various office in the palace as a result of absence f monarch and other people benefitting directly from the place lost the benefits as a result of the brothers’ personal interests.

“Wasiu and his brother petitioned the Lagos Police Command over decisions of other royal families and I was there personally to defend every member today. During the engagement with the law enforcement officers, the police realised that it was families fighting over who has the right to the Ikeja kingdom throne and realized that the matter is before the Lagos state government.

“Muritala is well educated and has influence such that could bring fast developments to Ikeja kingdom and in favour of our children and grandchildren”.


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Better decision! How to brothers be fighting for wat Will benefit them

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