“Dear Men, Too Many Women Will Lead You Astray” – Activist Reno Omokri Says

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A former aide to President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has yet again given men another advice that would help them grow in life to attain the level of success they desire. Reno who sighted a verse in the book of Ecclesiastes 2:17, advised men not to have too many women because they women would lead them ‘men’ astray thus making them hate their life.

Reno encouraged men to prove their manhood through excess of success and not an excess of carnality. “Prove your manhood through excess of success, not excess of carnality!”, he said.

He wrote:

“Dear men,

What is hard in wooing a woman and having carnal knowledge of her? Nothing. Even animals do it. Goats and dogs are more expert at it than you. You are not the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). So stop thinking it makes you a man. Prove your manhood through excess of success, not excess of carnality! The next thing you will bring up Solomon. God gave Solomon wisdom and wealth. God did not give Solomon women. Solomon gave himself women. And when he did, they led him astray, to the point where he admitted that “I hated life”-Ecclesiastes 2:17. Too many women led his father astray. Too many women led him astray. And too many women will lead you astray!”


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5 months ago

Why do u say that Sir

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Patrick Justice
5 months ago

Thanks for the advice

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Collins Cornelius
5 months ago

I got u


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True Sir! But naija nor dey hear word

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Barilule Ledum
5 months ago

Normal it can be so 

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