Baba-Aji Mamman Refunds N11 Million Unearned Father's Salaries To Yobe State

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Nigerian family fulfills their father's dying wish to refund N11 million unearned salaries, tenders apology to the Yobe state government. A Nigerian family in Yobe state has fulfilled their late father, Baba Aji Mamman's order to refund his unearned salaries to the state government.

According to an advertorial published by the family on DailyTrust, their father worked as a staff of the Rural Electrification Board in Damaturu, Yobe state. Because of his age, health condition, and other factors, he only went to work twice or three times a week as against the five times he was expected at work.

Before his death on March 28th, 2020, he instructed his family to calculate the salaries paid to him for the days he wasn't at work and refund the money. By their calculation, the unearned salaries for eleven years, came to N11 million.

The family has now raised the money which was then paid to the state government's account and also apologized for his conduct.


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Wow! U this is really true then dere still good people in nijja

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Baba aji is a good man not many peopleo will do this

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