Watch The Moment King Khoisan Was Arrested For Growing Cannibas In South Africa (Photos,Video)

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Several cannabis plants growing near President Cyril Ramaphosa's office in Pretoria have been uprooted by South African authorities. They belonged to indigenous Khoisan activists, some of whom had been camping in the area for three years.

As police pulled them away, their leader, who goes by the moniker King Khoisan, clutched to a big cannabis plant.

"Police... you have declared war," he yells, according to the AFP news agency.

We've been here in peace. "We're on our way to get you," he continued.

In 2018, the group set up camp near a gigantic monument of Nelson Mandela on the open space outside the president's office to lobby for formal recognition of their language.

In an interview with South Africa's IOL news site, King Khoisan's wife expressed her displeasure with the occurrence.

"I'm furious," Queen Cynthia declared. She stated that the president "doesn't want to come" to speak with them. She told IOL that all the Khoisan people seek is recognition.

She went on to say that the plants had been used for medical reasons such as cancer and high blood pressure. The marijuana was grown in a vegetable garden.

In South Africa, personal use of cannabis in private spaces was decriminalized in 2018.

The Khoisan are the oldest people in South Africa.









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Aisha Muazu
5 months ago

OH their is such people in the world 

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I can't believe someone will do that

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5 months ago

What religious is this

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Ani Uchenna
5 months ago

This man...

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Patrick Justice
5 months ago


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Alade Tosin
5 months ago

What won't you see in Nigeria

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Collins Cornelius
5 months ago

Wow am imprest

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Thats really symphatetic 

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Osasere Nancy
5 months ago

Just imagine dat

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