Watch The Moment Railway Workers Attempt To Quench Fire On Train Using Leaves In Delta State (Video)

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In a viral video, some Nigerian Railway Authority employees can be seen using leaves to put out a fire that has overtaken a train. According to reports, the incident occurred in Delta State.

Nigerians, on the other hand, have questioned why no fire extinguisher was deployed during the incident.


Watch video below:


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The lord is good.

Problem everywhere

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Hmmmm please can leaves quench fire

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The lord is good all the time

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Igane Godbless
4 days ago

God please I'm a sinner too please have mercy on them, because they didn't know what there doing...

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May God have mercy

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Am not sure that would work

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Ogbuli Victor
1 day ago

Fire out break I pray nobody was hurt

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Amana Blessed
1 day ago

Watch The Moment Railway Workers Attempt To Quench

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