Water Seller Captured Sharing His Money With Prison Inmates (Video)

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VIDEO: Water seller shares money he had on him with prison inmates

A water seller has been spotted in a viral video sharing money he had on him with prison inmates who were in a van waiting for a traffic light. A photographer who shared the video on Instagram said this happened in Ajah and the water seller gave out over 70% of the money he had on him. He added that he was impressed with the act of generosity.

He wrote; "Just a few minutes at Ajah waiting for the traffic light , bottle water seller shares at least 70% of the cash on him to the immates in this Nigerian correctional service bus ,

"i have never been this impressed by such act of love and Generosity, immediately I took his phone no just so i could get his account details later , which I will share here soon (called him a couple of times he is yet to pick up"

Watch the video below:


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It shall be given into you.

Lord I pray for the boy that shared his pure water money and I ask for your blessings upon him, In Jesus name. Amen

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I think he is only trying to help no boig deal in that

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He is a good Samaritan

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