Warning to every young girl in relationships.

By Michael Ikpenyi   7 months ago   341

​​​​​​Warning to every young girl in relationships. Take heed lest you destroy your beautiful future.



     Sometimes I look and see those we call "the future of tomorrow" straying in the pleasure of indecency and I weep. I cry not because of the act in which these young people are getting involved but for the future of our dear home,earth and that of the unborn generation. 


    To most young boys and girls, relationships are just a 'normal' and part of life. They see it as a reality without sacredness. So many of our children are getting more involved in different acts of young and ungodly relationships. In fact, to be among the"happening babes and big guys "it is expected of you to have a partner you are committed to.


    Few days ago ,I heard a guy make a particular statement that hit me really hard and got me thinking. I overheard the guy telling his other friends " Do you think I want to marry my girlfriend ? I can't marry her , God forbid". Those around laughed over it but failed to recognize the message in this young man's statement



What do you think had made the guy say such words? Why would he forbid marrying someone he calls his girlfriend and would have professed all the love in this world and beyond to ? Listen ! That young man might have said that casually but it contains a whole lot of messages. Before that guy will say those words it will either be that there are things that his girlfriend does which he does not like or they both have engaged in some acts which he knows too well are wrong but just cannot tell her that they need to stop. So many girls today, especially those in relationships are ignorantly endangering their future all in the name of pleasure. 

I come have to know that no guy will be willing to marry a girl he knows to be guilty of ungodly acts. 



    To every lady out there , take heed lest the fleety pleasure of today destroy the joy of your tomorrow. Keep yourself holy and pure. Avoid every relationship that demands your pride and virginity. While you might think that you are living your life. I can boldly tell you this for free " a day shall come when you will look back and wish you can take back the hands of the clock". A day you will no longer find joy in those things that give you untimely joy will definitely show up . If you must be in a relationship ensure you make it as Godly and platonic as possible and promote the beauty of your tomorrow.



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Peter Oguejiofor
6 months ago

Repent and seek the kingdom of God now there is time

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Felix Hycenth
5 months ago

Please thank you my dear,warn them oh they won't listen

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May God have mercy on us

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Well observe and said I pray they listen

Just passing

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