Lol jokes of life

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I went to this haunted house for disquisition. It was near the timber so the original companion advised me that I might find some creatures there. Sure enough, there was a panda. When I offered it some food, I was taken suddenly because it suddenly started talking. Turned out that it was a ghost panda and it only ate bam-booooo!
As a group of stealers entered the bank, their leader went to the director and asked him to open the vault. He hovered the director by saying,"If you try to do anything smart, you are fabrication."The director was confused and asked him," Do not you mean'You're history'?"The purloiner angrily replied back," Don't change the subject, okay?"I was in the library formerly when a man walked in asking for some ham and rubbish. The librarian politely told him that he was in a library. The man first apologized and also rumored to the librarian,"Can I please have some ham and rubbish?"
. I was in my theater when I got the news that my father had fallen from a 20 bases graduation and was in the sanitarium. I rushed to the sanitarium awaiting that my father had some major fractures, but he was alright except for some minor cuts. When I told him that it was a phenomenon, he dissented and told me,"Son, I had just fallen from the first step of the graduation."
After a prolonged failure when the rain came, all the creatures in the timber were happy except the Kangaroo. When the others asked him what the reason was for similar sadness, the Kangaroo revealed that the rain meant that all its kiddies would now be playing outside.If you use this emoji, Gen Z will call you old - CNN


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Dry jokes?

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