Inside Edo Community Where People Live With Dung, Blood From Abattoirs

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Inside Edo community where people live with dung, blood from abattoirs

Presidents of Ikpoba Slope community in Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area of Edo State are running away from their homes following the stench from dung, faeces and other animal and human waste from the about 10 abattoirs in the area.


The community said the stench, coupled with smoke from burning cow horn and skin made the community almost inhabitable for them.


They further said the community is polluted with flies, mosquitoes, rats and sundry insects that come from cow drops which were posing great danger to their health.


Our reporter who visited the area observed dungs and excreta litter the area while the river is filled with coagulated blood from the slaughtering of animals.


The residents said even fragrance sprayed in their rooms on daily basis was not enough to reduce the stench, a situation that has made many inhabitants of the area to relocate to other places.



Coagulated blood in the area

The community, it was learnt, had dragged the abattoir owners to court over the security implications of the activities in the abattoirs. .


A resident, Igbinaduwa Justin, said they were afraid that there might be an outbreak of an epidemic in the area as they inhaled all kinds of stench from the abattoirs.


He said, “We don’t have peace as result of the operations of these abattoirs. We have complained and are tired of complaining.


“Dung and other waste from the abattoirs litter the streets and the river thereby making the environment difficult for us. We buy fragrance on a daily


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What is that, is not good for health

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Iria Victory
6 months ago

Is not good for your health

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Usman Yakubu
6 months ago

Healthy effects

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It not good for the health

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4 months ago

Not comfortable in there 

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Abere Kelvin
4 months ago

Blood 😳😳 na wa o

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Felix Hycenth
4 months ago

It's can't be results of psychological physiological growth 

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Akinsanya Ayomide
4 months ago

Huh Hdhddbhfhfh

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