Prosperity does not prevent piety.

By Michael Ikpenyi   6 months ago   131
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   We live in a society where we have been made to believe in whatever the society considers to be right. So many ideologies that are utterly wrong have been popularized and taken as the perfect truth. It is now a norm to believe or build your life around whatsoever the community believes in. 


     One of these self made philosophies that so many of us have been made to believe with every fiber of our being is that "money is the root of all evil". In our world today,80% of us have our mindsets fixed on riches being carnality. If you ask the next group of young minds that comes your way what they think about money. So many of them will tell you that money is evil ,that it is not godly to acquire wealth. You will only be fortunate to find some that will tell you otherwise. Funny enough ,it is those that believe that money stops people from making heaven who often live most of their life in abject poverty. 



    Listen ! Poverty is not a guarantor of piety neither is being prosperous against it. If it was so why did God bless people like Abraham,Job, Solomon, David? God is never against being wealthy but all he asks of us is to acquire good wealth. In Fact the Bible recorded that Job was a wealthy and honest man who refused to do evil. At some point he lost all that he had but God after his trials made him twice as rich as he earlier was. You can probably imagine what his net worth could have been to make him known as the richest man in the East at that time .




    Stop languishing in ignorance and beliefs that were probably propagated by some disgruntled fellow and start living the life of wanting success that is honorable and godly. So many of our parents use " richness is not heaven friendly" to cover up their inability to acquire wealth. If money was bad, why then do people work ? As a matter of fact ,it is those that say money is bad that often work the most for money. Take a look into your society and examine the lifestyle the poor people live. They are more prone to committing evil than the rich ones. No rich man like Bill Gate, Steve Job or Aliko Dangote has ever been caught out in the cold night wanting to carry out heinous acts just to make money. Rather it is always those who suffer lack. Poverty tends to breed more evil than prosperity does. 



    Having a change of mindset towards prosperity is your first step towards a prosperous life. Stop allowing people to plant their inabilities in you. That they see things from a different perspective does not make your own point of view wrong. Prosperity is not and will never be a hindrance to your spirituality or intimacy with God. It often does not take you away from God just as poverty does. Poverty pushes you most times to act against the laws of God. People steal,lie,cheat, prostitute,envy because they lack what they want.

 So eradicate every form of mindset that will stand- in as a hindrance or blockage to your prosperous and influential life.



Prosperity Piety

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Mowoe Simon
6 months ago

Its well. 

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Victory Jebusemi
3 months ago

This is quite a good piece of advice for them, since they think you can only aquire money in evil acts only

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thats true anyways

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