Ladies Can You Date/Marry A Guy Living In This Kind Of Apartment? (Photos)

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I was on my own chilling jejely when my next door neighbor knocked on my door, he said I wanted movies so I let him into my room reluctantly. I hardly relate with my co tenant's beyond hi hi greeting so I was kinda uncomfortable letting him into my room. He sat down and had this bewildered look on his face, the next thing I heard was, Bros omo you get mind dey stay inside this kind empty room o, so na ontop this kind flat bed you dey run all these your babes wey dey come see you ehhn....nawao you be badt guy oo. So na ontop this bed that one wey get big nyash dey even lie down with all slay queen shakara. He kept blabbing while I kept silent, I asked him so even if I want to buy a better it should be because of ladies baa, and he said ehhhn now, how you go dey run matters on top this mat. This someone that I gave transport fare to go and meet someone he said was owning him.

He kept quizzing me on how I'm able to attract ladies despite the vaguely furnished room, I went on to tell him that girls are not my problem now. Moreover I'm not dating most of them, I run projects for people so some of them are people I'm working for.

Even though I've developed a tough skin to this kind of negative comments, I was upset though I masked my embarrassment. But why do some guys feel everything must be to impress ladies, I for one don't have time for them and I'm fully focused of sharpening my programming skills in order to get a job before the year runs out so I can renew my rent by January. For someone that was once homeless and slept in lecture halls, this my current place is like a duplex to me, and how I got this place is still a miracle to me. Hence my question is the room really that bad? I've visited some friends and my room is nothing to write home about. Is it so bad that the guy feels I am not worthy to have a girlfriend just because of it?




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Abdulaziz Audu
1 month ago

KK this is very bed 

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1 month ago

The bed is too raugh

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Saganu Leyereue
1 month ago

Not large enough.

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