The 6 Benefits Of Wearing Waist Beads You Need To know

By Humphrey Uzoma   7 months ago   346
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How to Wear Waist Beads for Body Awareness

Waist bead can be described as a traditional African accessory that is made of small glass beads worn around the hips or waist. It is made with different colours, shapes, decorative crystals, and stones. It has been worn by women in many West African cultures for centuries. The benefits of wearing it will be discussed in this article.


Benefits Of Wearing Waist Beads:


1) Waist bead can help an individual to be aware of her stomach and posture.


2) Weight awareness: waist bead can be used to monitor the changes in weight. People can use waist bead to stay aware of any weight loss or gain in the abdomen.


3) Boost intimacy: waist bead plays an important role in boosting the intimate desire of a man.


4) In some traditions, waist bead are often associated with maturity, womanhood and growth.


5) Symbol of feminity and confidence of a woman.


6) Heritage celebration: waist beads expresses respect and tribute to culture. 


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