Kind-hearted Vet Gives Pets Parting Gift Before They ‘go To Heaven’ (Photos)

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The expert - who works at a practice in the US - said there's always a special sweet treat for dogs at the end of their lives. And it's a delicacy the animals are normally banned from eating as it can make them very poorly.

Dr Nicole Namie, who works at the Smiths Station Animal Hospital in Alabama, posted a photo of Hershey's Kisses on Facebook.

The little chocolates, which are popular in the US, are kept in a jar with 'goodbye kisses' written on the front.

Dr Namie's caption read: “This jar is reserved for our euthanasia appointments… because no dog should go to heaven without tasting chocolate."

The post has since been shared thousands of times by animal lovers around the world.

Many said they'd been moved to tears by the gesture.

Dr Namie told website WFXR: “We try to provide as much comfort as possible during a terribly difficult and emotional time.

"My staff has always kept little snacks and candy bars tucked away specifically for those appointments.

"Typically, these are treats that I wouldn’t recommend giving to my patients, but in their final moments, I think it’s important to offer them something special.

“It isn’t a service that clients expect or anticipate, but they really seem to appreciate.

"They seem to find comfort in knowing their pets are going to heaven with a full belly and love in their hearts.”

Pet owners have shared their own stories of putting beloved animals down on the post.

One man wrote: "I’ve had lots of dogs in my 67 years.

"Whenever we know it’s time, I make pancakes. All they will eat.

"I cut them up and feed them like their royalty. I hope they’re all waiting for me."

Another wrote: "Just helped my boy cross the bridge.

"We gave him lots of chocolate right before. He was so happy."

Staff at the practice also set up an outside picnic if the weather is nice.

Dr Namie said: “Our clients and patients are like family.

"So when we lose a patient, we really take it to heart as if we’re losing one of our own.

"We recognise that they’re saying goodbye to a member of their family; in some cases, a family member that has been around longer than a decade.

"It’s a pet that their kids have grown up with and they’ve made a decade of memories with.

"Electing to euthanise a pet is an incredibly vulnerable time. "In many cases, it’s the first time kids have had to say goodbye to someone they’ve loved.”




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Danny Cruz
1 month ago

Wow so touching 😪

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Danny Cruz
1 month ago

Wow so touching 😪

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Animals has value in other country

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Wow so good

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