I Almost Cried When I Visited My Old Command Secondary School, Benin (Photos)

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Yesterday was the first time I would be seeing my former secondary school in over two years since I relocated from my former area.
To say I was shocked with what is left of the school is an understatement, it was an eyesore.
No teachers, no chairs, I almost shed tears.
Bushes has almost taken over the school, major part of the roof has been ruined, all the buildings are dilapidated.
Students sits on bare floor to learn, and it's a shame I learnt there are no teachers in the school that parents now employ and pay teachers through community efforts.









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1 month ago

Is it still a school

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Serious student

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Lukman Muhammad
1 month ago

Hmmm you take heart don't be angry is Nigeria

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How can a student even learn in such an environment

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How do they feel comfortable learning and teaching in the school.

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Ima-abasi Sunday
1 month ago

So touching

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