Family Suffocate Inside Sauna Just Hours After Checking Into A To 5-Star Resortww

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“The last one was sitting down with his legs in the pool.

‘They have all suffocated.”

The Russian embassy in Tirana was probing the cause of death, said a Russian diplomatic source.

"[They are] investigating the circumstances,” a source told TASS.

An Albanian police statement said: “At around 22:20 in Qerret, Kavaja the dead bodies of four people with Russian nationality were found in a sauna.

“All of them had been asphyxiated.”

A source said: “They had only arrived at the hotel an hour before the tragedy.”

Reports said the hotel’s entire staff had been questioned in a resort some 30 miles west of capital Tirana.

Investigations were underway to determine whether there was a technical failure of the sauna ventilation system, or inadequate care of the tourists by the hotel staff.

Alcohol consumption by the victims was also being examined, it was reported.


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Vital Johnson
1 month ago

It a great pity.

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Emmanuel Victor
1 month ago

It's a pity 

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