President Joe Biden Forgets Australian PM, Scott Morrison's Name? (Video)

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US President Joe Biden appeared to forget Scott Morrison's name while announcing America and Britain will help Australia build a nuclear-powered submarine fleet.

The prime minister joined Mr Biden and British PM Boris Johnson in a historic three-way press conference to unveil the 'AUKUS' alliance to counter the worrying rise of China in the Pacific.

But Mr Biden seemed lost recalling his Australian PM's name as he thanked the other two leaders who spoke before him.

'Thank you Boris, and I want to thank...' he began, before an awkward pause in which he turned and pointed to the screen with Mr Morrison's smiling face.

'That fella Down Under... Thank you very much pal... Appreciate it Mr Prime Minister,' he continued.

Media commentators were quick to point out the 'awkward' gaffe.

'A very political announcement,' Today show host Karl Stefanovic said after the press conference was aired live.

'But that fella from Down Under, I mean totally awks.'

Nine political editor Chris Uhlmann replied: 'Almost as awkward as the acronym AUKUS, Australia, United Kingdom and United States.'

Americans, Australians, and Britons quickly flocked to social media to have a chuckle at the bizarre moment.

'Just a public speaking tip - if you’re going to mention someone by name WRITE IT DOWN,' one American woman Tweeted.

'How did you not remember the prime minister's name? That was honestly so embarrassing.'

British journalist Graeme Demianyk wrote: 'Biden calls the Australian prime minister "that fella down under" and tosses in a "thank you very much, pal".'


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