24-year-old Man Finally Got Married To A 61-year-old Woman

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61-year-old Cheryl McGregor, a grandmother of 17, and 24-year-old Quran McCain from Georgia, US, have gotten married. The couple’s relationship and engagement went viral months ago and they are now officially a married couple.

They got married on September 3 and even streamed it on TikTok for their followers to watch.

When they first met back in 2012 Quran was just 15, working at a fast-food restaurant run by Cheryl’s son, Chris. They did not become romantically involved until last year when Quran was 23.

Quran said after the wedding: “We were live on TikTok for the wedding.

“My best friends were there and we went to Bones BBQ Joint after and got a very good meal.

“We then went back to our hotel and made love for two hours.” Despite receiving lots of negative comments online about their 37-year age gap the couple has stayed together and continues to keep their fans up to date with their lives.


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1 week ago

Thanks so much honey you know if I have a kids or

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Happy married life granny...

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Sodiq Sule
1 week ago

This is not love but nonsense.

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Big age difference

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