Young Lady Buys Her First Car, Appreciates Her Employer For Giving Her A Job

By Adeyemi Ayomide   10 months ago   351
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Young Lady Buys Her First Car, Appreciates Her Employer for Giving Her a Job  ▷

A young lady identified as Ngudo Gretta N has thanked her boss for employing her, an act that came as a great help Sharing a photo of her new car, she also appreciated the bosses she has worked under in her present place of employment Many people congratulated Ngudo on her achievement as some wanted her to recommend a good dealership for them.

A young lady, Ngudo Gretta N, has just bought her first car and she was really excited about it. Sharing a photo on LinkedIn, she appreciated all those who made it possible.

Ngudo appreciated her bosses at work for really believing in her. The photo she shared on the platform had her posing in front of the car as she showed off the key 


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Moses Fawole
10 months ago

Congratulations to her.We will get ours one day too.

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Owolabi Toheeb
10 months ago

I really congratulate her apart from the girls follow Yahoo boys up and down

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Eze Christopher
6 months ago

Hfdhcjjcj you located ok

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