Digital Agriculture Investment platforms in Nigeria

By Ezennayah Immanuel   10 months ago   431
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Agriculture has undergone a series of revolutions that have driven efficiency, yield and profitability to levels previously unattainable. This has included the introduction and implementation of mechanization between 1900 and 1930; the green revolution of the 1960s that saw the development of new, more resistant crop varieties and the use of agro-chemicals; and the rise in genetic modification from 1990 to 2005.

However, the rise of digital agriculture could be the most transformative and disruptive of all of these. Digital agriculture will not only change how farmers farm but will fundamentally transform every part of the agri-business value chain.

A lot of people have been asking for some time what Digital Farm are all about and where they could buy and invest in it 

This thread is dedicated for all issues related to Digital Agric Fam, their going rates, when Auctions are due and why they should be bought, 

I am not a Finance person, am just an Investor, so I might not be the best person to answer questions on this as they come, But am sure we have a lot of financial gurus with CFAs in this Forum and all our questions would be answered,

Lets discuss.

With the new input of information here, I believe all here sponsoring new farms to be added to the list should kindly add pictures as proofs backing their proposal.


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Digital nii, digital kwa

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Chibuzor Okpala
10 months ago

Wow I love investment oooo

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Issah Essibrah
10 months ago

how many of our villagers can go digital ?

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Danjuma Yakubu
10 months ago

The word digital is not comprehended by everybody talk much of going digital 

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Okah Kenneth
9 months ago

Very good Investment

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Imam Abdulfatahi
8 months ago

Wow I love this investment

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