Group Of Councilors And Political Appointees Endorsed Dr. Maduka For Governor

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States that the reason for declaring their support for Maduka is because his antecedents has shown them that it is only him that has what it takes to transform Anambra.

On Saturday, the 17th day of July, 2021, the Association of Ex-councillors of Anambra State jointly with the Association of past Political Appointees in Anambra State converged in Dr. Godwin Maduka Foundation office at Awka and unanimously endorsed him for Anambra State Governor. They declared their 100% support for him on the basis of his antecedents, good works, educational background and his workable plans for a better Anambra State. While addressing Ndi Anambra present at the occasion, the Chairman Sir Godson Nnuriam stated that they have carefully done analysis of all the aspirants and concluded that Dr. Maduka stands tall above his contemporaries in this Governorship race. They stated that looking at Dr. Maduka’s antecedents, the things he has done before venturing into politics, looking at his philanthropic gestures and outreaches, his educational qualifications and also his wonderful blueprint for Anambra, you will see a man ready in all angles to transform Anambra State.

Dr. Maduka thanked the both associations for finding him worthy to govern Anambra State. He also acknowledged them for declaring their support for him ahead of the governorship polls. He assured them that he will never disappoint Ndi Anambra. Dr. Maduka stated that it has been his earnest desire to get Anambra back on track again, looking at the society today, the masses are suffering, dying helplessly but when we put enough planning in place to better this State, people will get a good life and live longer in good health.

The associations therefore prayed God earnestly to make this lofty dreams of Dr. Maduka come to fruition in order to better the lives of Ndi Anambra.







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Tope Ayodeji
1 week ago

Ok, that's good and nice

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hectic and I have an car on the house for you
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Fortune Osagie
1 week ago

That's their business

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Okafor Chinedu
1 week ago

Good one coming from the group of councillors

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Lucky Emmanuel
1 week ago

Good for him

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We don't need bad Belle oo 

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