Young Man Beats & Locks Up His 3-Year-Old Son And Cuts His Ear With Scissors In Bayelsa State (Photos)

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A young man allegedly beats up his 3 year old son in Yenizue-Epie, Bayelsa State , leaving the boy severely injured and unconscious. According to eyewitness, the man has the habit of beating up his wife, who left him few weeks ago with their 3 year old son (name withheld), the father went in search of them and took the boy back home after many days of looking for them.

After taking the boy back home with him, he locked the boy inside and beat him up mercilessly, neighbours were scared of him and couldn't help the poor boy as he would fight you if you dared question his actions.

He ran out of luck today when his neighbours couldn't bare it anymore, they had to seek the help of some young men in the community, when the young men got to the house, he had locked the door and refused to open it for them. The young men broke into the house and found the boy unconscious in a carton where the father had hid him thinking he had died.

They quickly brought the boy out and found him still alive, but with various degrees of injuries, the father had cut his ear with a scissors and also broken his leg. They called the police and waited for the police to get their before taking the boy to the hospital, and also added the culprit over for the police.



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Make them erase the man

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Victor Eze
1 week ago

Make Dem beat the man and arrest am

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Olalekan Azeez
1 week ago

Wiked world 🌍🌍🌍🌍

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which kind wickedness be dis one...dem suppose finish dat man

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That man is a beast

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